Dental Inlays & Onlays

Protect Your Teeth and Improve Your Smile with Inlays and Onlays Are your teeth in need of repair but not so damaged they need a dental crown? Dental inlays and onlays may be the solution you need. At DiBartola Dental, Bridgeville, PA, cosmetic dentist Dr. Wayne DiBartola and our team offer inlays and onlays for …

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Invisalign® Alternatives

Do You Need an Invisalign Alternative? Sometimes, Invisalign isn’t right for you, whether due to costs or the complexity of your alignment issues. No need to fret if Invisalign treatment isn’t what your smile needs. There are various Invisalign alternatives that our dentist may recommend. At your consultation with our dentist, they’ll evaluate your oral …

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Invisalign: The Clear Choice for Straighter Teeth If you’re looking for a discreet and effective way to straighten your teeth in , Invisalign® may be the solution for you. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign is nearly invisible and can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing, making it a comfortable and convenient treatment option. Long …

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Invisalign® and Underbites

Correct Your Underbite and Transform Your Smile With Invisalign Do you experience difficulty chewing, biting, or speaking properly? You could have an underbite, a common condition that can negatively affect your smile and overall oral health. Fortunately, Invisalign is a modern, discreet, and effective orthodontic treatment that can correct underbites and provide a healthier and …

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Invisalign® for Tooth Crowding

Improve Your Tooth Crowding With Invisalign® Tooth crowding is a widespread dental problem that affects many individuals and can cause a range of issues from cosmetic concerns to more severe dental complications. The condition occurs when there isn’t enough space in the jaw to accommodate all of the teeth, leading to crooked, twisted, or overlapped …

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Invisalign® and Tooth Gaps

Closing the Gap With Invisalign® Tooth gaps, or diastema, can be a cosmetic concern for many individuals. While some people may embrace the unique look of gapped teeth, others may feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their smile. Additionally, tooth gaps can cause oral health problems, such as gum disease or tooth decay, if left untreated. …

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Invisalign® Attachments

Unlock the Power of Invisalign® Attachments Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth using clear, removable aligners. But in some cases, Invisalign needs attachments. Invisalign has revolutionized the field of orthodontics, offering patients a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, it’s important to understand how Invisalign …

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Invisalign® Candidacy

Is Invisalign Treatment Right for You? If you’re considering Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment option, you’ll want to consult with our dentist in to ensure that you’re an ideal candidate. Invisalign is a popular and effective alternative to traditional metal braces, providing a more discreet and comfortable solution for many orthodontic issues. However, not everyone …

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Invisalign® for Overbites

Correct Overbites With Invisalign® Overbites are a common dental issue where the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth. While many people may have a slight overbite, severe cases can lead to dental health problems such as jaw pain, difficulty speaking, and tooth decay. Fortunately, advancements in orthodontic technology have made it easier than ever …

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