Advanced Dental Technology

Incorporating Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. DiBartola has over 35 years of experience as a comprehensive and sedation dentist. But that doesn’t mean our Bridgeville, PA practice is stuck in the past! We’ve continually invested in the best resources and advanced dental technology to ensure gentler and more efficient treatments for our patients. Our advanced dental technology changes the way we care for our patients (especially those with severe dental anxiety or complete phobia of the dental office). With our reputation as one of the best sedation dentists in Bridgeville, PA, combined with advanced dental technology, it means we can provide the very best care possible. We treat you like family, always looking out for your comfort and the least-invasive, proactive solution to your smile needs. Today’s resources allow us to perform many types of treatment in just one appointment, so that you don’t have to make multiple trips back and forth to a dentist’s office. And if you choose sedation, there’s always the option for us to complete more procedures in the same visit so that you can get your smile back to the level of oral health that you deserve.

State of the Art Investments for Our Patients

Biolase dental technology in Bridgeville, PA
Dr. DiBartola describing what's on a dental x-ray.
  • Digital Intraoral Cameras
  • Virtual “Impressions”
  • Conebeam/CBCT 3D Imaging
  • Conebeam/CBCT 3D Imaging
  • Biolase Dental Lasers

CBCT technology provides us with a 3D image of your oral anatomy, allowing us to strategically place dental implants in less time, with less discomfort, and a faster recovery time.

Digital imaging and scanning eliminate the room for human error. With a clear, detailed look at your smile, your dentist can accurately diagnose and treat oral problems. Better information for your dentist leads to better dental care for you!

All of our technology helps improve our patients’ dental experience by saving time and providing more efficient, comfortable dental care. Advanced dental technology makes it possible to perform gentle fillings and treat gums with little to no healing time required. Digital imaging and scanning eliminate the room for human error. Plus, with the help of lasers, we can treat diseased gum tissues without harming the healthy ones. You’ll have to see it to believe it!

Cut your appointments in half and enjoy more efficient treatments because of the technological resources available to our team.

Technology: Your Reason to Go Back to the Dentist

Dentistry has evolved leaps and bounds from a few decades ago, and we’ve seen it first-hand. Thanks to our advanced dental technology and relaxation options such as sedation, we can help even the most phobic patient get the care their smile deserves! Experience the difference for yourself. Call Our Bridgeville, PA dentist today.

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