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Sedation Dentistry: The Calming Answer to Your

Are you someone who is fearful of the dentist? Whatever is keeping you away from getting dental care, such as past bad experiences, can also lead to a decline in your oral health. Fortunately, Drs. DiBartola and Porco are especially concerned about the comfort and experience of each of our patients. As a certified IV sedation dentist, Dr. DiBartola has been providing sleep dentistry services for well over 15 years. His experience with sedation dentistry goes back more than 30 years, when he was still in dental school. His own mother was an extremely anxious dental patient and she waited until he was in dental school to have him examine her mouth, where he uncovered several extensive dental needs. But her fear of anyone else caring for her meant she either had to wait until he completed dental school or arrange for sedation during her treatment.

Because her oral health needs were so complex, and she was paralyzed by her fear of dental care in general, Dr. DiBartola arranged for one of his instructors to administer sedatives while he completed his mother’s treatment. Since then, his concern for people with dental anxiety has shaped the way we offer options such as IV sedation in our practice. Our doctors are especially attuned to the unique needs of our patients with dental phobia and sensitive teeth. Our patients have recommended our doctors as some of the top-rated sedation dentists in the Bridgeville, PA area. We have a special affinity for changing the way nervous patients feel about going to the dentist. Thanks to IV sedation and lighter forms of sleep dentistry, we’re able to help individuals that might not otherwise be able to receive treatments that they need.

Types of Sleep Dentistry and Sedation Options

Dr. Wayne DiBartola - dentist in Bridgeville, PA

Local Anesthetic

Nitrous oxide sedation in Bridgeville, PA

Nitrous Oxide

Oral sedation pills - dentist in Bridgeville, PA

Oral Sedation

Older woman sitting in the dental chair under dental sedation.

IV Sedation

What to Expect with Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is changing the way people with dental anxiety feel about going to the dentist. As a licensed sedation dentist, Dr. DiBartola is certified to administer deeper IV sedation treatments as well as nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) and conscious oral sedation, which is deeper than laughing gas but not as heavy as IV sedation. Each type of sedation works differently and is provided based on the dental anxiety needs, concerns, and goals of our patients. During any type of sleep dentistry procedure, we will also use local anesthetic to numb the area that’s being worked on.

There’s no need to fear any pain or discomfort, whether you’re having a routine filling or getting several new implants for your TeethXpress treatment. If you’ve been avoiding seeing a dentist, it’s likely that any existing oral health conditions — such as gum disease or tooth decay — have become more extensive and complex to treat. Thanks to the safety and convenience of our in-house IV sedation in Bridgeville, PA, you can feel as if you’re sleeping throughout your entire appointment.

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What Others Are Saying

“Best dentist I have ever been to! Very gentle and everyone is so kind. When I first started going there Patty made all my anxiety go away! I’m not afraid of the dentist anymore. I highly recommend this office. Everyone takes the time to smile and say hello. Pain free dental procedures.”

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“Genuinely kindhearted people who care to see your oral healthcare needs are met, no matter your situation. I always feel so at ease when I enter this office because the staff, from receptionist to hygienist, are so sweet. They know the people who come to see them are apprehensive about dental work, like me, but they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I can’t say I have ever experienced that at any other healthcare facility I’ve been to. Dr. Dibartola is extremely patient, answers any questions you have, and takes his time making sure you will not be disappointed!!!”

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