General Dentistry

At DiBartola Dental we not only focus on sedation and cosmetic dentistry, but on keeping our patient’s overall dental care up to date. We offer teeth cleaning and exams where you’ll receive individual care and attention as well as a clean smile. Good oral hygiene habits at home go a long way when it comes to overall dental health so we will provide you with tips for dental care at home. We can make suggestions to help you fight gum disease, prevent teeth grinding, as well as a number of other hygiene measures we want you to be aware of.

Oral cancer is something that must be checked for regularly, so during your dental exam we will check for anything that may appear abnormal. With our technology, we will be able to detect any problems very early on so that we can provide you with the best treatment plan to solve the problem. If you happen to be a regular smoker or heavy drinker we recommend that you come in for regular screenings. Visiting the dentist is about much more than just polishing up your teeth, and we can help you keep your mouth healthy and provide the best dental experience in Pittsburgh.