Tooth Extractions in Bridgeville, PA

When you need to have an emergency or routine tooth extraction, chances are you’re concerned about your comfort during the procedure. Fortunately, our Bridgeville, PA sedation dentists pride themselves in facilitating a relaxing and calm environment for each of our patients. With more than 30 years of experience and 15 of those as licensed dental sedation providers, we’ll help your tooth extraction feel as easy as taking a nap! Plus, if you’re getting dental implants, we can place them on the same day as your tooth extraction appointment. When you wake up, you’ll have a new smile! Sedation makes it possible for us to work efficiently while you relax, so that you can enjoy fewer trips to the dental office and overcome your fear of treatment.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

  • Impacted or painful wisdom teeth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Emergencies
  • Pain and infection
  • Smile makeovers
  • Upcoming implant treatment

Same-Day Tooth Extractions and Implant Placement

If you’re planning to have a problematic tooth removed so that it can be replaced with a dental implant, we may be able to place the implant on the same day as your tooth extractions. When combined with our comfortable sedation options, this process eliminates extra trips to our office and speeds up your overall treatment time.

Planning for Your Upcoming Procedure

Options are available to ensure you’re as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Our dentists have over a decade of experience as licensed sedation providers.

For the first several days after your tooth extraction. Examples include eggs, oatmeal, pudding, etc. Avoid crunchy or hard foods, as these can irritate the surgical site.

In most cases, our patients can return to work or school the day after a simple tooth extraction or up to a week following wisdom tooth removal.

Over the counter pain relievers are adequate for managing post-surgical discomfort and/or swelling.


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