Bone Grafting in Bridgeville, PA

Why is Bone Grafting Necessary?

Our bone gradually changes shape over time, but especially if you’ve lost teeth or currently wear a removable denture. Before you can get dental implants, you’ll need to be sure that there’s adequate bone to support and stabilize them in place. As implants are set into your mouth similar to a natural tooth root, it’s vital that healthy bone levels fuse to the implant surface. When bone loss is a concern, some patients are turned away because of the added level of difficulty it takes to ensure their dental implant treatment is successful. Fortunately, our highly experienced sedation dentists in Bridgeville, PA are able to provide bone grafting to strengthen your mouth and promote an ideal treatment outcome.

Candidates for Bone Grafting May Have:

  • Long-term tooth loss
  • Past periodontal disease
  • Poor denture fit
  • Lack of support for dental implants

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a technique where we add new bone density and support to the area where your dental implants are to be placed. It’s sometimes referred to as “ridge augmentation” and is a service that creates healthy bone anatomy for a predictable and comfortable outcome when you’re replacing missing teeth. Because our body naturally loses bone when it’s affected by gum disease or tooth loss, bone grafting is the only way to return your bone back to a healthy level. Depending on your needs and preferences, our Bridgeville, PA dentists may use bone from your own body, or a sterile osseous powder that can trigger new bone formation in the area where it’s applied. We typically complete your bone grafting procedure during a sedation appointment, so that you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire visit. The severity of your bone loss will determine if bone grafting needs to be completed well in advance or at the same time as your dental implant placement.

bone grafting procedure - dentist in Bridgeville, PA

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